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    One of the many racers who ran S&S parts at the BUB Motorcycle Speed Trials last August was Jimbo Fischer. This is a pretty cool story so we’ll let Jimbo tell it in his own words.

    Exciting news in the world of Land Speed Racing: Chris Rivas is the first person to push a "bagger" over 200mph! That's right, a bagger. (No rocket propulsion necessary. Just good ol' American made S&S horsepower.) With the offices at S&S HQ all a-buzz with the news, we called up Chris and...

    One of the many racers who will be attending the BUB Motorcycle Speed Trials this August is Jimbo Fischer. This is a pretty cool story so we’ll let Jimbo tell it in his own words.

    Next up for our Salt & Speed racer profile, we have a letter to share from a veteran racer, Tom Anderson, who will be at BUB Speed Trials this August.  Here's what "Santa" had to say.

    The countdown to the 2012 BUB Speed Trails at the Bonneville salt flats, has started.  To kick things off, we have a few racers who are attending with S&S go-fast parts that we wanted to make mention of.

    In 1942, Harley-Davidson® made 462 U model motorcycles, 41 of which were slated for the U.S. Army. Harley-Davidson also produced 426 Sidecar versions for the U.S. Army, and these U Models w/ sidecar ironically were USA models. Since only the U.S. Military can make the great American icon more...

    2004 Iron Horse - Original condition

    Black Betty... Or Why You Should Never Say “Can’t”

    Most of the time, the Performance Times Blog is about racing and other high performance topics. This story illustrates another kind of high performance. It’s more about high personal performance where...

    Santa not visiting your house this year due to your questionable behavior? Here is your chance to WIN BIG for the holidays!

    In the November issue of IronWorks magazine, Stephen Berner published a great article titled "Scott Sjovall's X-Glide: More than the sum of its parts" covering his experience with Scott's motorcycle.  The X-Glide is a lab rat of S&S Cycle's research and development and is a true workhorse in...

    What's With The Red Hat?

    We've gotten a number of emails asking what the red hat is all about.  Odd that nobody has commented about it on the blog.  Be that as it may, here's the deal. The red hat that Jay and Wink were striving for is not the one your mother in law wears with her purple pants...

    S&S Cycle stands behind Big Dog Motorcycle engine warranties

    On April 8, 2011 Big Dog Motorcycles of Witchia, KS closed its doors. If you own a Big Dog motorcycle, you may be feeling a little uneasy about keeping it on the road. S&S is trying to make that easier by offering a number of services...

    We'd like to introduce you to a one-of-a-kind vehicle that is sure to turn heads.  With it's iconic design but with 21st Century technology, the Morgan 3 Wheeler looks like an aeroplane and built with one purpose in mind, FUN.  Just take a look:

    The best laid plans of mice and men go oft awry – Robert Burns

    Choppers are alive and well, especially in Europe!  Evidence of that is Hogtech's EC approved Absolut Choppers. brought these to our attention. These E-type and completely street legal choppers have some serious attitude and the Proven Performance® of the S&S V100 engine.

    S&S Cycle's Engineering Manager, Jeff Bailey, just came back from Bonneville, attending the "World of Speed" meet and had brought his own custom built bike to put to the salf flats.  Not only did he come back safely, but he came back with a new speed record!

    Every now and then someone asks me why we call our big bore cylinders Sidewinder® Kits.  The naming of that product was one of those things that just sort of happened.  An idea or a circumstance occurs and it just sticks.