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    Full house in episode 25 of the Performance Times as Jon and Dave drag in media guys Cody and Matt to talk Mama Tried, Daytona, stunts gone bad, and some of the most epic bagger racing to date (yes, they did over 180 mph!). They also launch a Strider program at a local school, and Dave plans...
    Episode 24 features Jon, Cody and Dave talking smack about eachothers 100 Day Sportster Throwdown builds, big jugs for CVO guys, a rundown of the upcoming King of the Baggers revenge tour and some hard questions about 1983 Goldwings. 
    Performance Times is back, Dave is out with some sort of 25th Anniversary/vow renewal excuse. We get caught up on the 100 Day Sportster Throwdown, upcoming events, new parts, and answer some hard-hitting questions from you guys!
    In Episode 22 of the Performance Times Podcast, the S&S crew leaks new products, covers upcoming events, and talks smack about each other's 100 Day Sportster Throwdown builds. 

    Jon and Dave bring in Matty to talk Bikes, Blue and BBQs, crashing Dynas, and an unnatural love for Irons. Jon announces the 100-Day Sportster Throwdown, calls out Dave and video guy Cody, and Dave fixates on Autocrossing a KRX1000. Somewhere in there, they launch the Winter Power Package...


    The S&S Performance Times returns after a semi-short sabbatical. Episode number twenty covers the wind-down of the 2022 race season, Jon's battle with Covid, really big big bore kits, and possibly a winter bike build throwdown as well as autocrossing a turbo KRX. Stay tuned for more! 


    Jon gives us a lesson on the S&S Stealth Air Cleaner and launches new camo gear. Dave falls in love with the new HD ST, but still hasn't finished his Dyna build. Matty gets pelted in Lima and the guys sign him up to stay in a teepee in Sturgis. 


    Jon and Dave are back at it with episode 18 of the Performance Times. They cover a crap ton of racing, donate Strider balance bikes to a local school and decide fuel costs may force them to ride Groms to work for the foreseeable future. 


    Jon and Dave survive two weeks of Daytona Bike Week, drag their Social Media guy Matt to every chopper event and celebrate S&S race victories in Flat Track and King of the Baggers. Also, don’t ask Jon about camo hats.


    Somehow Jon and Dave made it to season two of the Performance Times. Who let this happen? 

    They talk Daytona prep, Dave gushes over the new LowRider ST and Jon finally drops the new S&S Dixxon collab. Plus, the guys talk about the kabillion dollars of contingency money getting thrown at...

    Jon and Dave and S&S Social Media guy Matty take a look back at S&S events, parts, and race efforts in 2021. Jon swears that installing brakes is "a build" and the guys plan a Grom Gang run to the Road America King of the Baggers race. 
    S&S Podcast crew does a huge Flat Out Friday and Mama Tried download. We're pretty sure Dave may try and build a jet ski bike, and Jon drooled on an Evo chopper. They also talk to Hooligan Racer/Acrobat JJ Flairty and Jon still thinks he can build five bikes this winter.
    Jon and Dave interview the bombastic crew behind Mama Tried and Flat Out Friday as well as taking on the biggest, dumbest winter build ever (spoiler alert, it's a truck). They also share an S&S insider view from a long-term employee and talk about sound laws for 2022. 
    Jon and Dave Recap the American Flat Track season, Sand Show in California, and Congregation show in North Carolina. Dave leaks some new parts (the S&S sales team is probably mad). Jon thinks he's going to build four bikes over the winter and we need your vote for paint color on our...
    Jon and Dave bring in the S&S Social media and video team to talk lane splitting, Alpacas, and other Born Free shenanigans. They also cover new parts for the M8, the Indian Wrecking Crew doing wrecking crew things, and get asked which cam will be the loudest. 

    The S&S crew jumps in their social media guy with his first Sturgis, did he survive? Listen for the details! They also interview an S&S employee who’s been there over forty years and has some stories to tell! Catch that as well as racing highlights in episode ten of the Performance Times! 

    Episode number 9 of the Performance Times Podcast is now live! This week Jon & David have the opportunity to talk about big shows and small bikes with the one-and-only Marilyn Stemp! They also deep dive into the ins and outs of the S&S Off Road Division UTV Exhaust.
    Episode number eight of the Performance Times Podcast David & Jon talk with Mike Davis, co-founder of the Born Free Motorcycle show, we cover the trials and tribulations of creating a world class bike show as well as his pet cows and distaste for Canadian Bacon. We also cover the Bagger...

    In this episode of the Performance Times Podcast David & Jon have special guest stunt rider Cole Freeman and American Flat Track National Champion Briar Bauman calling in. Answer mailbag questions and as always, you can listen to hear about everything new and old that you love from S&S Cycle.

    In this episode of the Performance Times Podcast David & Jon have a special guest from the UK, Hooligan superstar Leah Tokelove calling in. Answer mailbag questions and as always, you can listen to hear about everything new and old that you love from S&S Cycle. 


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