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    Wanna ditch that dB reducer for some extra rumble? Or maybe you don't have it installed, and your neighbor gave you "the look" as you left this morning at 7 for work and rumbled past - we get it.

    For some of us, in the Midwest and East Coast, the changing colors and falling leaves of Autumn signal one thing - that it’s almost time to put away the bike for the winter. “But I ride ALL winter!” some of you in warm climates say - we would too, if it weren’t for the treacherous combination of...

    Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.No other rally evokes the same emotions as Sturgis - it's THE rally. It is undebatable. The mother of all moto rallies is coming up quite quickly - and we're getting ready, are you?Here's some things to think about while planning for Sturgis.

    It's been a long winter.  No really. It's been a really, really, long winter. At least, here in Wisconsin. If you're somewhere with snow, you know what I'm talking about. But, it's springtime, and it's time to get that bike out of the garage and back on the road.
    Performance camshafts are one of the most effective tools  for increasing the performance of an engine. It doesn’t matter if it’s a car, truck, or motorcycle. Unfortunately camshafts are also one of the most misunderstood performance components in the entire history of engines.
    Didn’t know S&S made their own exhaust products? Well we do, in LaCrosse, Wisconsin and there are several really good reasons why we prefer to make our own products rather than outsource them. This goes for just about any parts, not just exhaust systems.
    A big reason is quality. We can keep...
    When you were learning to drive, your dad probably told you not rev the snot out of his car, and that’s pretty good advice for your typical passenger car with a slush-o-matic transmission and stock everything. Good advice not withstanding, back in the day, on a hot summer evening, you could hear...

    Before S&S Cycle became the premier performance engine manufacture in the v-twin motorcycle space, we were known for our carburetors. Sure, we built stroker kits and big bore kits, but they didn’t make power without our carbs.

    So, you have just purchased and installed some S&S cams in your Twin Cam 88® or 96™ engine. You are excited to see the performance gain and anxious to hit the road with your newly acquired power! But what is this, you have less power than with your stock cam?! You start to work backwards in your...

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