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    High Performance Cam Chest Kit Upgrade

    by Jon Montgomery / October 4, 2017

    Want to add significant power to your v-twin? S&S Cycle is proud to present the S&S Complete Cam Chest Kits. High performance design combined with all of the best components into one perfectly matched package. Kits include cams, outer drive gears (or chain tensioners), cam plate, tappets, oil pump, Quickee Pushrod Kit, and all bearings and gaskets needed for installation. Each part is designed to work with everything around it and create optimum power and reliability for 1999-’16, even many 2017 Harley-Davidson® big twins (except touring). Multiple cam grinds as well as chain or gear drive options means we build a kit suited for the performance demands of your motorcycle. Matched components make for an easier install and S&S Cam Chest Kits combine horsepower and torque gains with money savings over separate components.


    • Upgrade to S&S performance chain drive camshafts
    • Improved engine performance – higher lift and optimized cam timing 
    • S&S Quickee Pushrods – easy installation, without removing rocker covers
    • Replace stock oil pump, cam support plate, cams, chain tensioners, and tappets with all new premium U.S. made S&S components
    • Upgrade 1999-’06 models to 2007-’17 style oil pump (included) for better, more consistent oil pressure
    • S&S Hydraulic Cam Chain Tensioners – improved valve timing and chain life
    • Standard or Easy Start Cams – Easy Start Cams allows stock starter to start any engine 


    Fitment Cam Part #
    1999-2006 bt (except 2006 Dyna®) 509G Standard 310-0810
    1999-2006 bt (except 2006 Dyna®) 510G Standard 310-0811
    1999-2006 bt (except 2006 Dyna®) 551GE Easy Start 310-0812*
    1999-2006 bt (except 2006 Dyna®) 585GE Easy Start 310-0813*
    2007-’17 bt and 2006 Dyna® 510G Standard 310-0814
    2007-’17 bt and 2006 Dyna® 551GE Easy Start 310-0815
    2007-’17 bt and 2006 Dyna® 585GE Easy Start 310-0816



    Fitment Cam Part #
    1999-2006 bt (except 2006 Dyna®) 509C Standard 330-0540
    1999-2006 bt (except 2006 Dyna®) 510C Standard 330-0541
    1999-2006 bt (except 2006 Dyna®) 551CE Easy Start 330-0542*
    1999-2006 bt (except 2006 Dyna®) 585CE Easy Start 330-0543*
    2007-’17 bt and 2006 Dyna® 551CE Easy Start 330-0544
    2007-’17 bt and 2006 Dyna® 583CE Easy Start 330-0545
    2007-’17 bt and 2006 Dyna® 585C Standard 330-0553


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