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    Spotlight Build - DJ Eric's T-111" T-Sport

    by Savannah Rose / May 11, 2018

    While out at the Laughlin River Run - I met up with DJ Eric Forbes to check out his HD®Dyna® - I had seen it on Instagram, and knew it was a killer bike -  but when he rolled up to the S&S booth, I was floored. This is hands down, one of the cleanest builds I have seen as of late. Normally, the FXD bikes don't catch my eye - even when they stand out, similar styling seems to blend them back together. But (insert expletive here) this one caught my eye! Yes, that much! From just being straight up clean, to using some of the best parts out there, this bike is something special. And that Lamborghini paint.. it's.. it's.. I don't even have words. I used to paint for a living and I cannot compare the paint to any color I have ever used! The photos just CANNOT do it justice. 

    Anyway - let's get on with checking out his bike, shall we?


    Name: Eric Forbes

    Las Vegas, NV

    @djericforbes  FB/ IG/Twitter


    Who are you and what do you do?
    I am a Las Vegas based nightclub/dayclub DJ for the last 20 years. Don’t let the turntables fool ya, Haha! I work on and build performance cars/bikes as a hobby. Always been a gearhead since I was kid. 

    What do you ride?
    2001 Harley-Davidson® FXDXT Dyna®
    Tell us about your bike:
    I bought my bike 2.5 years ago with only 4800 original miles on it. Bike was mint and untouched but had some frame surface rust issues from sitting so long and road salt issues back east. So, I decided to take it all the way down and rebuild it completely from the frame up. Every nut/bolt/clip is new, every single part has been re-powder coated. I bought the best of the best in aftermarket parts for this bike not holding out on anything but still keeping true to a OG T-sport look. Simple, clean and performance was the goal.

    How long have you been riding?
    I’ve been riding since I was 10

    Why do you ride?
    There’s just something so fun about being on a motorcycle. Maybe it’s just because it’s you and the machine, or the wind in your face or the performance of them. I guess all of the above. 

    What’s your favorite modification or aftermarket part?
    My S&S T111 of course! 

    What was your first bike or how did you start riding?
    My mom actually hated bikes because my older brother got seriously hurt on one. So, I had to sneak to a friend’s house to ride his XR80 when I was 10.  My actual first bike I bought was a CR125.
    What was your proudest moment?
    Motorcycle wise was the first chopper I built from the frame up. Circa 03/04. I’ve built a lot of performance cars and some dirt bikes before then but never a full blown custom build. It was the coolest feeling ever to take it for its first ride. 
    What or who inspires you?
    My dad. I watched him a young age work with his hands. Whether is was building houses or working on cars he showed me that anything was possible if you put your mind to it.
    What's your dream bike?
    My current bike! Haha! My bike sat for 1.5 years as just a frame and every day I would think of how it was going to look/ride. I was fortunate enough to build my bike exactly how I wanted so as of right now it’s my dream bike! 
    What’s your next motorcycle  adventure?
    Now that bike is finished I want to do some road trip with my day one bros. We all grew up riding bikes and we all have badass Harleys now so planning a few trips with the boys!
    What are your other passions?
    Music, hiking, being a dad, donuts.

    What’s your favorite and least favorite production motorcycle?
    Fav: FXDXT T-SPORT Least Fav: 2018 HD® (except road glides)
    Who are your motorcycling  heroes?
    8M2A2797 (1)


    Engine /Parts

    Year / Size: T111 Black Edition with IST Ignition 
    Cases: S&S
    Cylinders: S&S
    Heads: S&S
    Rocker Boxes: S&S
    Cam(s): 585 S&S
    TBI/Carb: S&S Super E (Black)
    Air Cleaner: S&S Stealth w/ custom engraved SDC filter cover 
    Exhaust: Red Thunder
    Wires: Sumax 9mm


    Y/M/M/Mods: 2001 Harley® FXDXT
    Front Fender: OEM
    Rear Fender: OEM
    Paint by:
     Valley Kustoms 
    Paint info: Bike is painted Grigio Telesto Grey (Lamborghini color) with factory HD pinstriping layout (editors note: This color is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!) 
    Dash/Gauges: OEM
    Y/M/M: 2001 Harley FXDXT w/ S&S oil line top cover
    Gears: OEM 
    Clutch: Rivera Pro clutch 
    Primary: Gloss black powder coat OEM inner/outer with Diamond chain/ Hayden M6 tensioner w/ Alloy Art shift linkage


    Front End: OEM with Racetech Heavy Duty springs and Gold Valve emulators
    Length: OEM
    Triple Trees: FXDXT black powder coated
    Shocks: Fox shocks with Piggybacks 
    Swingarm: Metamechex Aluminum swingarm powder coated gloss black 


    Tire/size: Metzler 100/90/19                                        
    Wheels: OEM Harley Mag powder coated gloss black
    Calipers: Dual Black Brembo 4 pistons calipers             
    Rotors: Dual Brembo 12.8 oversized floating rotors
    Rear: 16 
    Tire/size: Metzler 150/80/16
    Wheels: OEM Harley Mag powder coated gloss black
    Calipers: Black Brembo 4 piston caliper 
    Rotor: Brembo 11.8 floating rotor
    Sprocket: PBI 22F 48R with RK Chain                           


    Handlebars: Lucky Dave’s                             
    Risers: Bung King Gloss black 10-inch Straight risers      
    Grips: Performance Machine    
    Hand controls: ISR black billet clutch/brake 
    Foot Controls: Hammerhead designs black billet shifter/brake pedal 
    Pegs: Thrashin Supply                    
    Rear Pegs: Boosted Brad                                                
    Headlight: Moons MC                                                    
    Taillight: Moons MC 
    Seat: BMC the wall                                                             
    Windshield: Altered industries 16 inch smoked    
    Motor Mounts: Tru-track stabilizer with Alloy art black anodized upper motor mount 
    Bags: OEM Harley T-Sport 

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