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Swedish Style Choppers - Powered by S&S Cycle

by Justin Lorraine on March 3, 2011

Choppers are alive and well, especially in Europe!  Evidence of that is Hogtech's EC approved Absolut Choppers. Bikernet.com brought these to our attention. These E-type and completely street legal choppers have some serious attitude and the Proven Performance® of the S&S V100 engine.

What is "Swedish Style" you ask?  Stockholm New No. 10 describes it as: “It was in the postwar years when the WWII fighter pilot veterans started customizing motorcycles, to ride lower, laid-back, outlaw fashion, turning the bikes into 'choppers'.“

Hogtech designed not 1 but 2 of these machines, fit for the gods in Valhalla: "The Icelander" and "Black Ice". 

The Icelander:

Absolut Chopper Icelander 096

Black Ice:

Black Ice

Odin be praised!


S&S 100" V-Twin Engine

Both of these choppers are built with the S&S 100" (smooth) V-Twin engine that is available for OE manufacturers only but S&S customers can order a V100 made-to-order engine (part #319-0007) that can be configured to your specs and even comes in different color finishes. You could even get a V107 or V113 if you want. Available through any S&S Dealer.  Locate a dealer

bikernet logoFor more pictures and a complete detailing of these choppers and some history behind the builders, be sure to visit bikernet.com for their full feature.

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