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    Swedish Style Choppers - Powered by S&S Cycle

    by Justin Lorraine / March 3, 2011

    Choppers are alive and well, especially in Europe!  Evidence of that is Hogtech's EC approved Absolut Choppers. brought these to our attention. These E-type and completely street legal choppers have some serious attitude and the Proven Performance® of the S&S V100 engine.

    What is "Swedish Style" you ask?  Stockholm New No. 10 describes it as: “It was in the postwar years when the WWII fighter pilot veterans started customizing motorcycles, to ride lower, laid-back, outlaw fashion, turning the bikes into 'choppers'.“

    Hogtech designed not 1 but 2 of these machines, fit for the gods in Valhalla: "The Icelander" and "Black Ice". 

    The Icelander:

    Absolut Chopper Icelander 096

    Black Ice:

    Black Ice

    Odin be praised!


    S&S 100" V-Twin Engine

    Both of these choppers are built with the S&S 100" (smooth) V-Twin engine that is available for OE manufacturers only but S&S customers can order a V100 made-to-order engine (part #319-0007) that can be configured to your specs and even comes in different color finishes. You could even get a V107 or V113 if you want. Available through any S&S Dealer.  Locate a dealer

    bikernet logoFor more pictures and a complete detailing of these choppers and some history behind the builders, be sure to visit for their full feature.

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