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    Spotlight Build - Rusty Butcher Hooligan Race Bike

    by Jon Montgomery / February 22, 2018

    Mark Atkins may have an alter ego problem. You may know him as Mark or you may know him as Rusty Butcher. Mark is well known for his crazy motorcycle riding antics on a Sportster, jumping things that shouldn't be jumped and riding where others wouldn’t even go on a dirt bike, nonetheless a 500lb Harley®. In the past few years, Rusty Butcher has become a household name in the industry and a staple when it comes to Tracker style bike builds. From humble beginnings, Mark has created a media empire that includes Hooligan racer, stunt rider, and so much more. The Rusty Butcher crew have done more with Harley-Davidson® Sportster® motorcycles then most people could ever have imagined and we're excited to have helped him out along the way. Today's Build Spotlight is on their most recent Sporty creations constructed to contest the 2018 Hooligan season.


    Building a Hooligan race bike is not as complex as you would think. Let’s break down good ol’ number 22.


    1998 Sportster 1200cc 
    Frame: Stock  
    Cylinders: S&S Cycle 1250cc High Compression Kit
    Heads: S&S Cycle Super Stock Heads 
    Camshaft: S&S Cycle .500” lift 
    Lifters: S&S Cycle
    Pushrod: S&S Cycle Adjustable Pushrods 
    Air Cleaner: S&S Cycle Teardrop Air Cleaner Kit
    Swingarm: Stock
    Forks: Top Line Tubes
    Fork Lowers: Lowbrow - 2” tapered lowers
    Wheels: 19/19 alum. akront replica rims laced to stock rear hub and front spool
    Trees: Weiss Racing
    Handlebars: Vortex V3 - ⅞”
    Risers: Hard Case Risers 
    Throttle: Biltwell Whiskey 
    Handguards: Cyca Probend
    Tank: Fiberglass - 1 gallon 
    Seat: Saddlemen 
    Rear Fender: Lowbrow Tsunami Fender
    Rear Shocks: FOX 14" Rusty Butcher shocks
    Gearing: Stock gear chain drive from lowbrow
    Exhaust: TBR
    Ignition: Dynatek Electronics
    Rotors: Lyndall Racing
    Brakes: Brembo Calipers 
    Footpegs: Biltwell Norman pegs
    Tires: 19" Shinko Soft Compound 

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