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    Big Dog closes its doors, S&S opens a window. Warranty and more!

    by Justin Lorraine / April 20, 2011

    S&S Cycle stands behind Big Dog Motorcycle engine warranties

    big dog logoOn April 8, 2011 Big Dog Motorcycles of Witchia, KS closed its doors. 
    If you own a Big Dog motorcycle, you may be feeling a little uneasy about keeping it on the road. S&S is trying to make that easier by offering a number of services related to the engines. First of all S&S will honor the warranty on any S&S engine that was supplied in a Big Dog for as long as the original vehicle warranty would have lasted. This warranty applies to the orginal owner. Secondly, S&S can supply replacement parts for your stock emissions compliant engine. That means your engine can be repaired at any S&S dealer or by the S&S Remanufacturing Service, and you can be assured that it still is "street legal" and that you are not violating emissions laws. Finally, S&S can offer performance upgrades for your BDM V117 engine, which can be installed by an S&S dealer or our Remanufacturing service.

    For more information about keeping your Big Dog warranty for the engine and how S&S can help your Big Dog stay out of the pound, see the full details here.

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