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    NEW STUFF ALERT: High-Performance Flywheel Assemblies for the M8

    by Jon Montgomery / May 8, 2020



    S&S has been building stroker cranks since the 50s and we have it down to an absolute art. Our latest efforts are aimed at the Milwaukee Eight platform (2017 and newer big twins) and open up a whole new level of performance for these engines. Stronger, more durable, and trued to a spec others can only dream of, these new flywheel assemblies are the best of the best to build your high performance engine around. Using a heat-treated 4140 material, each assembly is harder and twice as strong as factory parts. S&S High Strength Connecting Rods are designed using Finite Element Analysis to eliminate weak spots and create a part that can handle substantially more power. Available in 4.375”, 4.5” and 4.625” stroke with tapered or high strength full-width wrist pin to accommodate even the most insane builds. Each of our flywheel assemblies are also available with or without the counterbalance gear.

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