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    S&S Cycle generally brings a couple of motorcycles to the rallies to show off their parts, and of course it’s a lot easier to get people excited about your stuff if it’s on a cool looking ride, instead of an old rat. This year, the S&S events department decided to showcase some of our parts for...

    Here’s the lowdown on the uber-cool S&S 55th Anniversary show bike built by Francesco Mattioli of Crazyoils, for the S&S display at the 2013 Big Bike Europe show in Essen, Germany.

    2004 Iron Horse - Original condition

    Black Betty... Or Why You Should Never Say “Can’t”

    Most of the time, the Performance Times Blog is about racing and other high performance topics. This story illustrates another kind of high performance. It’s more about high personal performance where someone...

    Choppers are alive and well, especially in Europe!  Evidence of that is Hogtech's EC approved Absolut Choppers. brought these to our attention. These E-type and completely street legal choppers have some serious attitude and the Proven Performance® of the S&S V100 engine.