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    Stealth air cleaner kits have been a solid performance addition for the v-twin market since their launch in 2012 and each year we add a few more to the collection. The Air Stinger takes the existing high flow Stealth air cleaner and replaces the air smoothing stinger with a similarly shaped filter...

    Our first track day was now scheduled for early September at the Blackhawk Farms in Beloit Illinois and we had chosen Tyler O’Hara as our rider for his experience with the XR series as well as an incredibly diverse racing resume. The pieces were coming together and flew Tyler into Wisconsin for the...

    Baggers at Laguna Seca? Monster touring machines lumbering through the hallowed curves of California’s most famous race track? The pundits would dub it as blasphemy and the purists took to their keyboards to express their utter dismay. If there had been an internet in the early days of NASCAR,...

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