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    NEW STUFF ALERT - Guardian Kit for M8 Performance Engines

    by David Zemla / May 7, 2021


    The M8 engine platform is capable of serious power, but with that also comes the need to beef up critical moving parts in the top end. The latest from S&S Cycle does just that by combining our roller rockers, bearing quality rocker shafts, rocker arm studs, and cold-formed head bolts into one well-thought-out kit. 

    S&S roller rockers and shafts are a must-have for high lift cams. Forged 8620 steel arms combined with rollers eliminate side thrusting on valves and decrease wear while the bearing quality shafts allow the arms to operate smoothly on the increased radius generated by big lift cams.   

    Add in the rocker stud kit and head bolts sporting a 200,000 psi tensile strength and the S&S Guardian kit is the perfect addition to your 124” or larger M8 build.

    Check out the details as well as the collection of performance parts for this machine on the S&S site or hit up your local dealer for more info.



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