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    Anybody Can Install A T-Shirt...

    by George Smith / May 17, 2010
    describe the imageOne thing you will notice as you look at the offerings on our website is that we sell some items directly via e-commerce, but we direct customers to our dealer locator for others.  The reason for that is pretty straightforward.  We sell apparel and bolt on parts like mufflers directly through our website because there's not much that can go wrong.  For more technical components, like big bore kits that require engine disassembly to install, we want an S&S dealer to be involved with the sale and installation.  The dealer's advice on selection and installation can often make the difference between success and failure of a project.  Even if the end  customer opts to install the parts, in the event of questions or problems, they will have the support of the dealer who sold the parts.  Harley-Davidson® engines that are getting high performance modifications can pose special problems that even someone familiar with stock Harley® parts can find challenging.  Our dealers have  a wealth of high performance knowledge and experience, so it's great to have them in your corner!
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